About Our Counselors

Kristi Turner

Kristi is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 15 years of experience in the counseling field. Kristi has worked with individuals, couples, families, and groups dealing with a variety of issues. While Kristi has experience in private practice, past and present, she also has worked in a hospital crisis unit and emergency departments assessing those dealing with everything from psychosis and drug abuse to depression and anxiety for immediate care. Kristi’s research during her graduate program was focused on geriatric depression and program development to address this issue and she has been published in this area.

Kristi is a married mother of 2 and has a passion for working with couples and families. In addition, Kristi has experience working well with: anxiety, depression, child/adolescent behavioral issues, bereavement/grief, phase of life issues, anger issues, abuse issues, communication issues, relationship conflict, parenting issues, domestic violence, and training in Collaborative Divorce.

Stacey Harless,

Stacey is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 16 years experience in the mental health field. She has worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds dealing with a variety of different issues. Having started out in Community Mental Health and doing individual and family therapy, she has also worked in the hospital setting doing crisis mental health assessments in a psychiatric emergency room and seeing patients in a supportive role on the inpatient medical floors for consultation. Stacey has also worked in a Domestic Violence shelter providing supportive counseling and education for women and their children during times of crisis.

Stacey enjoys working with people to help navigate the best course of treatment and road to health and happiness. She believes that those struggling with depression, anxiety, family conflict, parenting stress, grief, and chronic mental illness have the ability to develop coping strategies to live a happy, healthy, productive life.

Kristy McNamee,
Sarah Ewing, LMHC

Kristy is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 10 years of experience in the counseling field. She started out working with children and teens in a residential setting, many of whom had experienced abuse and neglect and were in the foster care system. She has worked in an outpatient setting for the last several years working with clients of all ages but primarily working with children, teens, and families dealing with a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, divorce, family conflict, ADHD, and parenting issues.

Kristy also has a passion for helping people through the grieving process and has worked with parents who have lost a child during pregnancy or shortly after birth for over 14 years. She is trained in EMDR and has found this treatment to be particularly helpful for those dealing with traumatic life events. Kristy uses client-centered, cognitive behavioral, and holistic approaches to treat the whole person. She believes that by recognizing the events that have formed us in life, we can learn from them and become a better version of ourselves. She strives to create a warm and caring environment in order for this process to take place, and she seeks to help others integrate more balance into their lives.

Sarah is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 10 years of experience in the counseling field. Sarah has worked with individuals, couples, families, and groups dealing with a wide range of issues. She has experience providing therapeutic services in a variety of settings, including private practice, employee assistance program, the nonprofit sector, and in university and church settings . She has worked extensively with marriage and family challenges, divorce, interpersonal issues, anxiety, depression, PTSD, abuse and domestic violence, and life transition issues.

Sarah recognizes that those seeking counseling are often feeling stuck in some area(s) of their life. She respects and values the opportunity to walk alongside each person, couple and family in their unique journey towards finding freedom and fulfillment through personal growth. Sarah believes in cultivating a culture of self-acceptance and self-compassion for where one is at in their life, which is a prerequisite for change. Through a collaborative relationship, she seeks to empower clients to explore and face into life's challenges with courage and curiosity. She is passionate about assisting clients in positioning their goals in terms of what they truly want to do, through alignment of choices with their genuine interest and values. By tweaking one's mindset, motivation and habits, clients will discover new ways to thrive and a renewed energy to reengage in what matters most to them.

Nancy Homan, MSW

Nancy has a master’s of social work from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis with a focus in mental health and addictions. She has experience working with clients of all ages in private practice. Nancy is also a former elementary school teacher, who brings an expertise in working with children and adolescents, helping them build self-esteem and confidence in their own individuality.

With a strong background in childhood and adolescents, Nancy works closely with parents and children in areas of behavioral management, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and performance anxiety in academics, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. Nancy also meets with adults, couples, and families and uses a strengths-based approach with all clients to help them reach their goals and grow toward a happy and balanced life.

Connor Thomas, MA

I received my Master’s in Counseling from Huntington University.  As a caseworker I had experience primarily working in connecting father’s with children who have incarcerated mothers. From working for the Department of Student Life at Anderson University as a Resident Director, I also have experience working with young adults in the college setting. It was an awesome and fun opportunity to support them through life's challenging valleys and celebrating the joys and their triumphs; it was an honor to be a part of that community. I believe that community is an important part of the growth process and I was blessed to be able to do that on a day to day basis from investing in those people at that place.  

I see counseling as a valuable tool to assist individuals as they walk through some of life's hardest challenges. As a counselor, I aim to continue to learn more about what theories and techniques I agree with and enjoy learning more in this field every day. I believe that it is important for the client to feel safe, cared for, and not judged while in counseling. I think attachment and relationships with others plays a role in how we see ourselves, and how we feel about others. It is also my belief that meaning plays a huge role in our lives, so I strive to help my clients work through what that means to them. I am passionate to work with relationship issues, children and teens, outcomes of divorce, sexual/ pornography issues, men's specific issues, and faith and spiritual issues. 

In counseling and in life, I believe in a holistic approach including mind, body, and spirit. Living a happy and healthy life is what I strive to help my clients achieve by overcoming the obstacles in their lives.

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Amanda Reed, LMHC

Amanda is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with 10 years of experience in the counseling field. She received her bachelor's degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with minors in Social Work and Counseling Psychology. Her master's degree also comes from Ball State University in Counseling Psychology. 

Her experience comes from providing therapy in both community mental health and private practice settings. Through these settings, she has developed a passion in working with children, adolescents, and their families. She also enjoys providing therapy individually with adults. Amanda has guided clients to help them process and explore life stress related to anxiety, depression, trauma, parenting needs, anger management, adjustment, ADHD, social skills, and communication.

Amanda strives to create an open person-centered environment where those she is working with have the opportunity to openly express themselves by using their strengths to achieve their own personal goals in therapy.

Sarah Helderman, LMFT
Leslie Malkemus, LMHC, LMFTA

Leslie is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate with over five years of experience in the counseling field. Leslie has worked with individuals, couples, families, and groups in a variety of settings. Leslie began her career helping incarcerated clients and
their families navigate through the complex corrections system while addressing mental health, addiction, and relationship issues. Most recently Leslie has worked extensively with children and their families involved in the foster care system, tackling issues such as trauma and abuse, behavior management, anxiety, depression, substance use, grief and loss, ADD/ADHD, parenting, and adjustment. Leslie has a passion for addressing both personal and interpersonal issues like communication, conflict resolution, boundaries, emotion management, trust, and forgiveness. Leslie seeks to collaborate with clients on finding the capacity to enact positive changes in their lives, break patterns that are no longer functional, increase self-knowledge, and develop healthier relationships with self and others.

Sarah is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with an additional certification in Medical Family Therapy with over 10 years of experience in the field of counseling. Sarah has worked with individuals, couples, families, and groups dealing with a wide range of issues including trauma, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, physical and sexual abuse, domestic violence, co-occurring medical and mental health challenges, spirituality and faith issues, and family and relationship concerns. She has experience providing therapeutic services in a variety of settings, including residential facilities, community mental health, and integration of medical and mental health. Sarah has also worked within several areas within the medical setting including emergency services, primary care, oncology, and acute inpatient care to provide consults, support through the medical process, and crisis assessments. Sarah approaches therapy from a systems perspective, which means a focus on individuals in the context of their relationships. Sarah’s approach is also holistic; seeing the client as not only part of a system, but also an individual with individual attributes.  Every person that comes into therapy has his or her own story that is unique, significant, and has helped contribute to the development of the person. An important aspect of therapy is to understand and respect the client’s story and see it in the context of their lives. Sarah believes that in understanding the self and their story in collaboration with the therapist true change can occur.  Sarah values the therapeutic relationship and will commit to serving you with openness, respect, curiosity and acceptance.

Cathy Cooley, LCSW

Cathy comes to private practice with an array of experiences in mental health therapy for children, adolescents, and adults including issues related to depression, anxiety, anger management, school issues and parenting issues.

She received her B.A. degree from Indiana University in 1986 and Masters of Social Work degree from Indiana University in 2008.  Cathy’s primary career experience has been practicing social work and counseling in area schools for the past 10 years.  She also has many years of experience in helping parents navigate the emotional roller coaster of raising teenagers and imparts parent support in all areas of her practice.

Cathy’s faith based approach to counseling supports the ultimate goal for each of her clients to live a happier and healthier life.  For many individuals, faith plays a large role in their decision making and clients want that incorporated into their counseling.  Cathy takes these believes into account while helping each of her clients reach their potential.

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